Saturday, May 31, 2008

What Do YOU Think Is Going On Here?

"Spare Me Not"...
Shula, are you watching? Isn't this just what the doctor ordered? Sort of thing? This kind of intimacy doesn't snore or breed smelly socks in the corner and it certainly won't take an un-natural interest in your teenage daughter.
Today I'm cleaning my sewing room. There's been a carpet of fabric (for the curtain) and I'm cleaning it up and organising my new stuff (I've been collecting old transfers)... I just sent the boy off to buy me some plastic sleeves so I can categorise my newest neatly... and I looked PROPERLY at this set, obviously for the first time.
Surely it's not a dildo? I don't think they had kinky sex in the old days. I'm not sure that nice people even had normal sex so it must be something else.
I'm about to do the borders on the Grandma Curtains and before I hang them I'll take some good pics to show you all. There's a bit in it so it won't neccessarily be today. Been a crazy week at work and my procrasatinating (ie pattern organising) comes from a strong desire to have a sleep...

1 comment:

shula said...

If it's not, it's one mother of a lipstick.

That's hilarious. Wherever did you find it?