Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ute, Or, Braveheart.

Which replaces The Van of old. A saga which continues, which grows in importance and dedication. For which nothing, nothing is too good. The obsessive focus, I am told, once finished here, will be transferred to renovating our home.
It's good to have a hobby. It's good to have a reason not to go away for the weekend... like... how could we possible go camping when the curtains for The Ute are not finished? Nor the cushions for The Ute not covered? It's inconcievable that this LONG WEEKEND should be enjoyed away without decorative completion.
So what have we done? You might wonder. We've procrastinated and watched a dozen or more episodes of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. But.. now... just as soon as I've finished here, I'm getting into the cushions.
P.S. I know what to give my love for a special pressie. A papier mache elks head (bust) for above the shelf. Ala Rachel Denny.

1 comment:

shula said...

Oh, absolutely.

An elk's head would just send it through to Infinity Good.

That man. Do you rent him out?