Monday, January 26, 2009

Secret Cave Near The Glenelg River

What an amazing place! So Aussie. Limestone cliffs and real caves with smoke stained walls after thousands of years of habitation.
We put an end to that though. Only took 200 years. Such recent memory and evidence in the countryside, it's a crying shame. Love Australiabut. You sure feel the beauty creeping in and touching all the corners after a week in the great outdoors.


Anonymous said...

Love your work! Talented lady you.

Anonymous said...

This email is from France; I know since long time your funny blog and you are in my favorites.
I have maid like you greeting card laces in box ( difficult for me to write the right words in english.........) And today,I am curious, and I should want more about your lace on brown paper (2006?) I don't unederstand the "how to do"; do you leave the paper ? And more explanations, one day wher you have time; perhaps one day later, I should try, but when?( I am teacher, 4 children, 1 grand-children and so many activities...........)
If you can, thanks. If not, I shall only look at the pictures!

Bobby La said...

Hi Anne,
I'll take a bit of time and post a turorial for needlelace. Soon, I promise. It's easy to do.
I've noticed a watcher from France, it must be you! Thanks for your interest and watch this space!

Bobby La said...
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