Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feather & Fan Baby Blanky Pattern

The pattern is so simple. It's fun too. You have four rows per repeat pattern, so the first is a new colour, then you endure the pearl row, then it's the pattern row, and with one more, you've finished! So it carries you on quickly.
If I did another, I'd make the edges slightly different and so the pattern reflects that (I did 6 Stocking stiches rather than the 3 on Linda Ball's beautiful Baby Bib, and three looks much better).
I have used Shokay's Orient for the main colour, which is a 4ply ish Yak wool blended with a touch of Bamboo. It's stunning to use, so soft, and wears incredibly well. No pills! Yay!

With 4mm needlesCast on 132 sts.
Row 1: knit (wrong side).
Row 2: purl.
Repeat rows 1 & 2.

Row 5: knit.
This finishes the reverse Stocking stitch border/ends.
Feather & Fan Pattern:
*Rows 1-2:  knit.
Row 3: k3, (k2tog 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, k2tog 3 times) 8 times, k3.

Row 4: knit.*

Change colours for each repeat (*to*) if you want to.
Continue in pattern for desired length (I did 51 repeats for a good pram or basket length).
Next row: purl.
3 more rows reverse Stocking stitch (k,p,k).
Bind off.

Because of the frequent changes of colour and the resulting sewing-in of ends (i.e. lumpy), I crocheted the side edges with a Picot stitch...
*Single crochet-Chain 3, then crochet into 1st stitch of chain. Single crochet.* Effectively this means that every second single-crochet has the picot.
Repeat for as long as you want to.
I used Youtube for the tutorial on the picot, and will for any other thing I can't figure out ever!

I'm pretty sure this is right, but please let me know if it's not huh?


Anonymous said...

Hi lovely blanket, just what i've been looking for.
One question - how much yarn and what size needles did you use?

Bobby La said...

I used bits and pieces, but the main colour... I had to buy 200g although I have a bit over. Perhaps if you bought 3 x 50g balls it would be enough, then bits and pieces.

krista said...

Hey there, wonderful blanket, I'm making this for a coworker that is due in a few months.

Thanks for sharing!

Bobby La said...

I'm happy you're making one too! It didn't take long. You must send me a picture, huh? I almost wich I'd used red as a main colour and oranges and so on for contrast...

Marja said...

Thanks for this pattern. I was looking for a simple blanket pattern and this is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern! I've found other feather and fan tutorials that were confusing and ended up full of problems, but yours works wonderfully and is soooo easy! I can even suggest it to my friend who just started knitting! Very beautiful, just wish you had a close up photo of the pattern so I could compare to my final product to see if I could improve it. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

How big is the finished blanket?

Bobby La said...

It's probably about 50 x 70-75 cm? I haven't had it around for a long time now, but judging from the photo...??

Anonymous said...

I'm being thick I know but I don't understand row 3 of the pattern as in which part is repeated to use all the stitches (Patterns usually say * rep to end etc). I would love to have a go at knitting this. ..Please help. Thanks

Bobby La said...

Updated 1st May 2015. Thanks for your comments! I hope it's clearer and has some sensible grammar!

Leah said...

Lovely pattern!! I'm going to make it for my little one due 5/2016 <3

What was the original gauge used?


Bobby La said...

I used a load of 5ply yarns, and a couple of heavier (not more than 8), all with 4mm needles. I don't know the gauge, but it ought not to matter much...
The blanky is at my grandson's (son's) house so I can't measure it for you, sorry.

Bobby La said...

And good luck with the baby!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I don't understand row 3. By following the pattern I either have too many stitches or not enough. Please could you explain?

Bobby La said...

Anonymous. I have just done the maths and it is correct. Each added stitch is countered by each k2tog.
I have, however, changed the wording a little, to say which stitches are repeated by adding stars. I had not separated the edges clearly from the repeat design:
Sl1-K2 (border) - (k2tog) x 3, *(yo, k1) x 6, (k2tog) x 6, (yo, k1) x 6*. Repeat from *-* until 9 stitches remain, (k2tog) x3 - K3 (border).
Hope this helps?

Unknown said...

Hi, What do you mean by "sl knitwise"?

Bobby La said...

Re: slip stitch knit wise. It means, you put the needle in as if to knit, but slip the stitch onto the right needle (rather than knit it). Sometimes a pattern calls for us to slip purl wise. 😊

Anonymous said...

When do you add the sitches back on that’s you knit together? Coz I started with 132 stitches I’ve followed the pattern but now because I have knit 2 together so many time I don’t have 132 stitches anymore where do I add them back in?

Bobby La said...

I've just edited the pattern and put a chart. Sorry for any confusion!!