Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finished The Blanky

Baby's due next weekish too! I managed to buy a large cane woven carry basket, for sleeping at Daddy's house. Trouble is, it squeaks so loudly when the handles are moved (as in every time you pick it up by the handles) that poor baby would have a heart-attack! I'll have to stitch some felt in there or something. It's pretty, and some people go Oooh Aaah, but I wonder if it's cheerful enough? I'll have to accessorise it with brighter colours, in sheets etc. Matching of course. It does feel lovely but.

This is 'Blow Up Doll' potholder, coming along. More tears. I don't really know if she's really, really moved by the singing or if she's upset.

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sewitsforyou said...

this is so great. I saw it on flickr and fell in love. Would you be willing to share the pattern?