Sunday, August 09, 2009

Corners Of My Home

'Pig', made by my darlingest Mum from an old old pattern.

My kitchen.

The messy sewing room. Mid project always gets like this. It's clean beyond the surface.

Notice the German Shepherd skull. Ex terrorist of sheep.
Pre-something Papuan or New Guinean artifact. At least 700 years old apparently.
Papuan Shield

I love my stuff. We actually started the garden yesterday!! And now it's all GO GO GO!! Plans are out, discussions are in place. We've ditched the Over-Seas plan with narry a glance behind us. Maybe later.


victoria said...

Perfection. I love my stuff too. Sometimes I love my old stuff so much I feel guilty about it, like, why have so much love for this "stuff", but I really do love it. It's one of the great joys in my life. You know what I mean. I always seeing enjoy your interior decoration very much.

karen said...

Love your decor looks like a very inspiring place to live!

margie said...

thanks for letting us it all i love my stuff too there is alot of it..happy times