Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paperdolls by Kate Rice

This is the most gorgeous jumper I've ever seen. And anything I didn't know, I do now thanks to Youtube. Any tutorial at all is there. Good O! I tried to reinvent the design to use my girls, but seriously, Kate's version is so clean and right, I won't change a thing. Excepting the colours. While I think of it, go have a look at the other versions everyone has done (at Ravelry).


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
How are ya? Have you finished the jumper yet???
Another week and I hope to finish my blanket. I know it took me ages....
I miss our train trips, not much knitting nowadays. Oh well, planning my knitting projects for 2 weeks Tassie (while Zane is fishing), thinking about owl jumper or maybe this one too!
xx2 Hilke

Bobby La said...

No I haven't finished it yet. I have put it aside for the moment to finish some Christmas presents. And I haven't sewn up the yak wool cardigan and finished the collar either! I never have done that and want i to look good... I YouTubed it and need to press and lay it all out. When do I have time and place to take such time? Usually I just knit in the car or on the train.