Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ruby's Long Story: "The Time Went Farster Than Enythinck".

Ruby wrote this in maybe grade 4? I stitched it in 2004 or so but haven't shown you yet. My first intention was to make a quilt type thing, built of all these kiddie's things... but now I'm not so sure. It spends some of its time hanging on the wall as is.

To Mum

The Time Went Farster Than Enythinck xox I love you

OnCe a Pone A Time

There Was a little Gile +

a little Boy

They Wock (woke)

up Relly orlee in the (up relly early in the)

Mornine and They looked

at There Teddys

and Went to the clock

and then they Sterd (stared)

at the clock and sterd

and sterd

and after One Minet (minute)

It Sead an ouruer hand (it said an hour hand)

Went up (pointed up)

One minet is only 60


They took The Bachrise (batteries)

Out and Had a look

They Were or Rhite (they were alright)

But it Was rong looking

So They Went to there

Mother and told Her

she Went and Had a look

as Well.

she Seaid Its

only Cos Its oly in the (only because it's early in the)


Good Nhit and (good night and)

Go to bed pleas Its to orly (go to bed please it's too early)

Its only 1:00 in

The Morning

oK Mum They Sead

and they went to Bed

and Then the little gile (girl)

had a Bad greem (dream)

she sterted Crying

Her Mum Came and

gave Her a Hug


and Sleep With Me. OKay


The Little Boy Dident

Like It When she Was gone

so He Started Crying to (too)

his Mum Came With

Sissy (his mum came with his sister)

I Dont Lick It When She (I don't like it when she)

is not Here Its Scary Can I

Come and sleep With you two

OKay Come on then Hurry

up okay okay okay I will


Good Seaid Mum

Mum Dont Be Mean pleas


They all Went to Sleep


all of Them gumpt up (jumped up)

in a big friht (fright)

It Was gest Next Door (it was just next door)

good Im glad

Then a Rober Came into the Hourse (a robber came into the house)

We got a gun each and

chrid to cll him (tried to kill him)

They Cilld

the rober after 6 owers


the Boy Had His Birthday and


Girl Had Her Birthday Cose (because)

They Were twins. they torned (turned)

10 yers old.

They Had to

clen the blud thate Was on (clean the blood that was on)

the floor the End


MafiosaGrrl said...

This is amazing!

margie said...

fantastic. what a lot of work..yah for you