Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just Found A Source In Melbourne

For Pure wool felt. At l'uccello's in the Nicholas Building.
l'uccello's is a gorgeous shop on the second floor, which sells the most exquisite vintage haberdashery and fancywork supplies. Kim is luvverly too, and offers iced water to the parched shopper. If you want little bits of stuff for the most unusual gifts for Crafters, or maybe to give yourself a treat , then go get lost in the building. I did, and bought some amazing and old silk velvet ribbon, one thinks to make an equally exquisite French style cushion... and a 1960's silk rose for my shelf... and some pearl-like little bloopy things you put as stamens in flowers (which I have in an old ink pot as a vase and it's very pretty)... and a set of pink buttons that have no purpose but to please me (just like that other little pink button)... I would have spent more, but I really already have everything. My inheritance is such and I have so much beautiful trim and buttons and fabric and vintage stuff, it's very exciting!

The Nicholas Building, 205/37 Swanston Street, Melbourne. l'uccello is in room 5 on the second floor, enter via Cathedral Arcade where the Subway take away is.

Maybe I'll end up teaching there after all?


Rebecca said...

Love all the colours. I would get in trouble shopping there...lol

shula said...

Do you know that room used to be part of our studio?

Beautiful, isn't it?

I miss it so much that if I go there, I'll just cry.