Friday, December 10, 2010

Bit Exciting, I Say!

Alys Francis rang today to interview me about the quilt, and has put a link to a story on Ninemsn's home page! GO HERE. That's pretty exciting! Even if she did get my name wrong after the first go... it doesn't matter. So I thought I should post a couple more photo's. Have a look HERE for my original post, which has a bit about the quilt.

Above: A corner of the Crazy Quilt With Grandmother's Fans.


Originally, I worked two of these on a Western style shirt I'd made, but ended up sutting it up to make a Crazy Patchwork, which is now framed. I took a clss where people made exactly my piece. I s'pose it's about 45 x 35cm in size. The birds are a good format for learning Needle Painting and don't take as long as you'd think. This photo is on one of my cards, available at Etsy.

Claire's Man.
I used a picture my blossy la Claire drew when she was a little boopy cutie pie. The pants are long for my purposes, in my favourite stitch, Ceylon.


Sonia said...

Congrats! It's not just a bit exciting, it's tremendous! If the purchaser ever puts it on display, please let us know, I would love to see it in person :)

pen said...

congrats bobby la media!
could they possibly spell your name right?? I counted 3 versions! journalists!

victoria said...

Excellent! This will help me convince my relatives that it is a true story.xxoo

Jan said...

Congratulations on the sale of your quilt Robyne! Must have been hard to part with it after all the hours you put into it. I'm a fellow quilter and understand the work involved and it's so good to see someone pay the true price for such a work of art. Congratulations again! Jan