Thursday, August 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Leif!

Lovely boy! So nice and sweet and friendly and Mr. Chilled.

I made this patchwork ages ago (told you that already) and he really is the perfect recipient. Mr. Red Head (yum yum). The back is scrumptious with velvet! I can't imagine why I hadn't thought of it before? Now, it's a must. A MUST!

With another grandbaby on the way... and a room full of velvets, waiting to be made into heirlooms.

Anyhooo... this is actually finished. I put cotton wadding in the middle and did a little smidge of heavy handed heavy linen quilting, but mostly did ties, (which is the new best way to quilt in my busy life). I love real, proper, fine quilting, but have no time (patience) when there are a squillion things to do (you should see my Hand-Made Christmas Gift task list, version 5).

Notice the knitted bit?
As soon as I have some daylight, I'll take a couple of action photo's and go have a look at this... Robbie's note to Mum (me).

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