Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bye Bye Baby

My to-be new grand-daughter looks awfully like 'she' might be a grandson, which is fine, and good for the other grandson, who'll be thrilled and it'll be good for him. Apparently (observing the scan) there appeared to be some tackle down below, sitcking out type tackle not just lumpiness.

So, bye bye Lucy Robyne. I'm a bit sad about that. I loved the name Lucy and it's a famliy name from old. My Grandma's middle name (Phyllis Lucy), her mother's first name (Lucy Ellen), and her mother's (Maria Lucy but everyone knew her as Lucy) , and then her grandmother's name. Who knows how many before? That's five generations we know about with a couple of jumps.

When we lost our Lucy, the name took on scary qualities for naming babies. Sort of. But now that I've done the Family History we can see that there are stacks of them. It's OUR name and deserves to be preserved. Fancy a little Lucy Robyne! I'd be tickled pink!

Phyllis Lucy (Grandma) and her to be hubby (my Dah).

My Nanna (Great Grandma) Lucy Ellen and her darling George.

Great-great Grandma (Maria) Lucy.
I'm at work, and don't have a picture of my Lucy here to upload. I'll try to remember.

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victoria said...

Lucy is very much on my name list.