Friday, April 26, 2013

Monogrammed Damask Sheets

I bought some heavy damask, for sheets, years ago and then decided that, of course, they needed to be monogrammed. Which effected an immediate 3-4 year procrastination...
This is the trial piece, or ended up thus. It's done on a tablecloth from my Granny's old pub and has a slightly different shine. I'll make a matching-ish pieced doona cover with a heap of tablecloths.
I just took the top sheet off the line and the fitted one is still on my sewing machine, so... later.

The design is based upon Irish crochet motifs. It feels Irish. The lettering is mine. RM2 has turned into our motif... my One True has the same initials you see.

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mem said...

That looks very special , like something out of a stately country house attic which has turned up at Christies!!! I will look forward to watch developements.