Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Cushion Comfort Zone

Made using an outfit my Grandma wore to my Uncle Ted and Aunty Grace's wedding when I was 7 years old. Don't ask me how I remember this, not from the day (although I remember the day and my aqua dress and hair bun), but Grandma did tell me. Or was it Mum?
Gorgeous colour!
The ribbon was a snippet I've had for years and years. European, silk and now only a few centremetres left. The embroidery ground is vintage kimono silk.
The Wedding. I'm the little girl on the left, to the right is my brother Glenn, then a little girl named Judith whom I never knew. My Dah (left and behind me) died not so long after. Then is Grandma (not such a great shot) in my cushion dress.

All stem stitch using perle 5.

The new (old) lounge suite required new colours. It looks washed out here but isn't. Note the old rag rug on the floor. I bought 4 at a market for $20 each. I would have bought more but had no money. An older lady had made heaps and heaps and I'm sure her husband (she wasn't there) didn't appreciate why anyone would want one, let alone four or more.

Corded piping.

Hopefully you can print this out and it will be the same size as mine. Not that that matters.
Just in case you want it.

In situ. Soft and filled with feathers.
The inspiration.
From HERE. It's an old butter stamp.



Kylie said...

It's absolutely beautiful.

Nortiness said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to try something like this ! Awesome work. :)

Crazypatch said...

Gorgeous... Thank for inspiration.
Est ce que je peux vous emprunter une photo de votre broderie pour mettre sur un blog sur le crazy et la broderie que j'ai .

Anonymous said...

Your work is so gorgeous!