Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moving Right Along...

It's getting there. The orange bit will be the sides of the seat cover. I'm going to put a blue stripe in it though, nearer to the blue background.
I did find a pile of old plaid style (and other) blankets at an Op Shop last Thursday. Really grand 70's style colours, tans and creams. Great also for dyeing, which I did into the wee hours last night. The browns were just the thing.
Photographing is a good way to get a look at what you're (I'm) doing. I hadn't noticed a few things until just now! The left ear, for example. It's finished in as much as there is no gap left, but I can see I may need to edit it a little, to define it better.
I intend to embroider some whiskers last of all.

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