Saturday, August 02, 2014

Vintage Aran Knitting Bag

Well, this Poncho has been sitting in my room for years. It never looked good and I never ever wore it. Then it occurred to me that it could be a nice bag. Particularly a knitty knitting bag.
So I ordered some handles (the one’s pictured are vinyl but I have since ordered better leather ones).
My lining has pockets… of course… one pattern sized, two pleated compartments for working Fair Isle (i.e. one ball for each colour, to keep them separate), a closed pocket for notions and spare needles etc. It’s well big enough for a jumper (sweater) and I made the lining slightly loose so the bag can stretch with the Stuff.
The gorgeous yellow floral cotton looked a bit weak and I put the nice red Hounds-tooth wool to highlight or contrast… (as an inside piece to thread a cord in, to pull tight), but it looks nice as is, poking out the top and I made a cord of the green, which is pulled through the knitted section instead.
I love using it. Friends, who don’t knit but like bags, have commented on it as a regular, nice bag. Not just a novelty, knitting-type bag.
I Do Intend To Draft The Pattern, even after this long, I still will, I promise!! 

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