Thursday, October 22, 2015

Proggy / Clippy Rug No.1

Using the Kaitag Rug/Embroidery as inspiration, I've drawn this onto hessian for my clippy rug. I have to think it through a lot yet, as it takes an enormous amount of cloth to complete. I want to use Grandma's curtains, which are peacock blues and very precious. No wasting... once it's cut, it's no good for anything else.
Of course, the patterning is 'fuzzed' with clippy's, as opposed to hooked rugs, so there's no point having a lot of detail. Just broad patterning.
I intend to outline the pattern in taupe/creams and then use reds, deep pinks, turquoise/peacock's and oranges. Very rich colours.
The rug below is another example of the type. I like the little bits of red. It's conducive to the fact that you run out of colours and may need to add bits of whatever you have at hand.

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