Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Garden Spring 2015

The Reo 'Hedge'. Covered in Boston Ivy. The doors are smothered here, but still open.

Looking past the Dracunculus Vulgarus (Cobra Lily).

The tank took 6-7 goes to get the colour right. The rose Pinky will be trained  up and around over it, with perfect contrast.

Looking into the Copper Beech hedge pathway. Spirea doing its thing on the right there.

Cotinus Grace starting to shoot up. We coppice it every (late) winter. Often we leave a couple of shoots from last year, to allow flowering, but mostly grow it for the foliage.

It has to be said that my One True does all of this. I put my two bob in, that's mostly it, then enjoy the results.

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