Monday, November 02, 2015

The Chaise Rug

The rug is 220 x 112cm. Backing fabric is nylon (I think). I 100% prefer to use linen, but couldn’t get it wide enough. I don’t really like working on this stuff as it splits a bit and it feels plasticky. The hooking is wool.
Much as I love hooking with silks etc., it’ll use tons of fabric and I don’t have it. I do, however, have heaps of old blankets and plenty of dye.
The drawing is roughly based on the Uzbekistan style of textile. I just love Central Asian textile designs, particularly Uzbeki, with their organic, hand-drawn, flowing motifs and pointiness. They are embroidered but lend themselves to hooking.
I made one already, which looked good in front of the beautiful old chaise (and rubbish in its intended position), so decided to do this new biggie and the first can go somewhere else. The chaise is covered in deep cerulean blue French (hand-woven) brocade, the absolute centre-piece in the house, so any rug needs to be a bit glowing and a bit subtle, hence the warm grey background. It deserves a major chunk of my time!
In the central, large polka-dot area, The big orangey-yellow dots are raised, Waldoboro style, which should look good as seen from an angle. That bit will be under the middle of the chaise.

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