Thursday, September 28, 2017

FOR SALE!! 1948 Vintage Dennis F3 Fire Engine

The last remaining project of Bob Armstrong and Ian Hunter, who sadly died within 5 weeks of each other. 
$5,000 O.N.O. All offers will be considered.
Contacts below...
As far as we know, it's pretty well all there. Contact me via email and I'll call you or pass you on to the co-owners. This is one of two existing in the wide world. The other is in Bristol in the UK.  This is located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. 

L Sharp opted out some time ago, but has been very helpful in giving us some info and history.

The number plates don't go with the truck. They are fake, made up in N.S.W. for the group, who put them on whichever truck needed to go on the road. No police ever queried them and they even headed up the Moomba Parade one year! Ha ha! 

We have clean, unused stickers for the restoration.

Newly chrome plated stuff.
Robyne nee Armstrong: 
or call Samantha Oake nee Hunter, 0421 412 526.

In service Perth 1971. Photo supplied by Brian Blunt (thanks).

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