Monday, March 19, 2018

My First Springerle

I am ridiculously in love with all Springerle moulds, but this one is particularly amazing! You can see my wonky cutting!

My definitions are not too too bad on these. It is a multi-image mould, but I pressed them as if they were individuals, concentrating n one image at a time.
Notice poor old bottom left. It's a bit bloated!

The fish moulds are not very deeply cut and some definition is obscure, however overall they turned out better than I had expected. The little heart biscuit is far prettier when done that unbaked.

OK, the Swiss Cow...! They all rose too high and then collapsed in the centre whilst drying. Plus, cooked unevenly and have darker patches at the centre (which are not seen so much in the photo). Perhaps I didn't let them dry long enough before baking?
Note to self: Don't let the pastry be too thick! Cut them all the same thickness! Use baking paper!

I used the 6 cups of sugar/6 eggs/Baking Powder recipe (found in the Facebooks "The Springerle Cooking Appreciation Group"'s files, but I can't remember which, sorry) and added the rind of 2 lemons. They smell delicious! I have eaten a total flop of a Swiss Cow, who wouldn't come free of the tray (because I hadn't floured them) and it was very tasty. Might share one right now with our coffee, but the rest are for Easter.

These are unbaked...


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