Monday, April 16, 2018

New Deluxe Hanky Box

Here is the newest Hanky Box. I love hankies and have way too many for the last box, so I've made a bigger version. I have used an old Book of Cats I bought years back (Op Shop) for just this purpose, i.e. crocheting together.

The beads are made by rolling up paper, around a tooth-pick, then gluing the ends.

It's hard to photograph, because of the plastic covering.

This was a card I gave my Dad, after his big operation 5+ years ago. Thanking him for staying with us. He gave us 4 1/2 years after it. Thanks Dad xxxxxxx
The blue patterned base is  from a heavy cardboard box I kept my water-colour pencils in for years and didn't have the heart to throw out. Using such a strong base makes the box very stable.

Follow the label Tutorials, at the bottom, for some help as to how they are made.

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