Sunday, April 12, 2020

Just About To Steek... Bit Scared/Excited.

Alice Starmore’s ‘Thoroughbred’ using Kate Davies’s ‘ Bluebell’ as a template.
I’m up to the steeks now. It’s not designed for them as you would see (since there are no extra stitches in the middle). But it’s a bit small, or ok, the truth is, I’m a bit bigger now than when I started this in November 2015.
I had put it aside for vast periods of time, obviously.
But here we are! And I’m very excited. More excited than frightened to be fair, after watching many a tutorial and thinking and thinking about it.
The photographs don’t show the fluro nature of some of the colours. It’s at once bright and soft and I had no intention of it being so colourful but I love it. The question is, do I (after steeking ) work the bottom and neck bands before the button band. I guess so... I’ll have to think some more.

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Sigrun said...

I did a mitered corner, while doing button/buttonhole band and neckband all at once.