Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Lock Down Stash Down Endeavor

Vintage fabric lined with a soft cotton muslin. The cord, ribbon and ric-rac comes from Mum's stash and probably originally from Grandma. I've had the felt forever. 

This was the first in this fabric and I had no more of the cord nor any pom-poms. So disappointed until I raided the Major (as opposed to minor) trim box. There are little lace motifs above the pom-poms too. 

This is the most gorgeous wool flannel and again, the gross-grain tape comes from Mum's stash. I had a time getting the ribbon through the felt whatsits and used an awl followed by a big knitting needle to force a hole.

The green with pink roses has been in my stash for over a decade (as in, not so long). I had wanted a shirt but those days are done. The tie is done Knitting Nancy style, with a windy thing, not no pins.

These two little crocheted florets were on a little bag of nothing much at an op shop. This is one I'm keeping. You buy these little blossoms because they're pretty and they sit there until a purpose presents itself.

Mostly bought new fabric, excepting for the brown on beige floral, which was a 50's dress. You can't see, but the lining is a flesh coloured cotton Mum had for her doll making.

The main cloth is decades old, from my early patchwork days. I love this one. Feels Japanese.

Made mostly from a little bag of bits I bought at the Wandin North Primary School Harvest Festival, just pre lockdown., as is the bottom bag.

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