Monday, June 29, 2020

Feel Like It’s Working Out OK?

I’ve been working on this a lot lately. You know how you need to do a fair bit of something before you decide if it looks ok or not? Well, those side flowers... around the orange dots... I struggled for a good idea to fill the space, because something needed to happen. I feel like it’s worked, in as much as I didn’t want another ‘thing’ happening, but the plain greys looked boring and vast. This gives a subtle, soft and pretty vibe to the sides. So, I’m happy. 😊 Not sure what colour the centers of these little blossoms will be. Red might be a bit much? Or just right. Fortunately it’s not much hooking to try a few different colours.
That’s a question by the way. Is red too much? There’s only one with a centre, see? Waddya say?
Or maybe the pink ones could have blue centers and vice verse. Hmmm...

The blue of the new side blooms kind of vanishes, but its ‘glow‘ is the effect that feels right. It’s there and not there.
I’m busting to start my next design. I’ve been drawing and redrawing for the last week or more. Weeks. At work, keeping away from everyone else in a little room. Waiting to do the actual work I’m paid for is way more fun. If we’re quiet, then I’m taking the opportunity and running with it.
I bought a scrap book, and have been pasting printouts of the moods I want and any references etc. It feels as fun as primary school. Old school cut and paste.
Another thing, I want to make chaise coasters to stop the legs marking the carpet after it’s finished.

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