Monday, July 13, 2020

I Thought I’d Be Finished This Weekend! But...

Apart from the binding, I really thought I was nearly there... and I am, in the scheme of things. But laying it out shows I have a way to go.
So, to decide:
Do I like the oval shape? I guess I won’t know for sure until it’s in situ. Bit meh at the minute. Too... clean lined or something. Pukey?
Still not completely sold on the apricot either but same, situ will tell. I will change it if I don’t. None of this ‘Oh Well‘ business when you’re looking at it for evermore.
It’s a bigger! I could lay down and stretch my arms up in the air and still be on it just about. And I’m 5’7”.
I feel like the flowers along the sides work (like the green) to make a textured fabric (visually) rather than dominate. Hubby pointed out that I tend to use similar values together in patterns. I’m not sure if he thought it a good thing (as in, you hardly notice it). I hadn’t pondered it before but, wanting a large, neutral background, it can be a bit boring if you do it all the same, even if it’s mottled.
My friend Chris made a large rug, shown (badly) below, and you can see her excellent background. It’s subtle but very effective.

Anyhow, here I am. I think if I decide to make it a rectangle, I’ll do the corners in the same orange dots of the centre. Hmm, that sounds like a bit of a plan? 

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