Sunday, September 06, 2020

Happy Fathers’ Day To All Of My Dad's (Or Those I Have Picture's Of)

 Dad, Bob Armstrong 

Gramps, Keith ArmstrongDah, Ronald West 

g. grandfather, George Armstrong 

g.grandfather William Phillips

g. grandfather Harry West

g. grandfather George Dickinson

g.g. grandfather John Armstrong

g.g. grandfather Alexander McKenzie

g.g. grandfather William Phillips

g.g. grandfather Cornelius Harold West

g.g. grandfather Joseph Hatchard

g.g. grandfather John Dickinson

g.g. grandfather Thomas Wakeham

g.g.g. grandfather John Smith

g.g.g. grandfather John Arnott

g.g.g.grandfather Francis Hatchard

g.g.g. grandfather Thomas Wakeham (might be son)

g.g.g. grandfather Bob Mallett

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goldencomet said...

Hello from Canada, Robyne. I just found your blog and love it! These pictures are fantastic. I envy you.

I began by admiring your Wagga; had to look it up.