Saturday, September 05, 2020

The Stone Cottage

 My brothers mate squatted here in the 70’s, Glenn might have as well,  I can’t remember. My friend Marion and I used to go up there sometimes too. You turned right at the creek down a certain road and bashed along a bush track for a bit to find it. 

It was that exciting time in your life when the world is newly seen through your own eyes. Everything sparkles and interests, and your senses are keenly soaking in things for the first time. It was freezing up there because we never thought of clothes and I can’t remember thinking of food or drink either. We never had money in our pockets, or at least I didn’t. Sorry Marion, you probably did. But did we ever eat?

Dad came up to check on us the night Marion and I stayed. He was fine. We were fine. When I think back now, he will have been in his early 40’s. A young man and tolerant of my adventurousness and independence. Actually, they were probably worried sick.

We nearly didn't spot the place. 

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