Sunday, January 10, 2021

Berlin Wool Work Picture For The Shed Wall


I so love the Victorian Berlin wool work patterns. This picture was printed out (A3) then glued onto heavy cardboard, which is a bit of a pain to crochet but it’s also not a big job. I forgot to photograph the back but will after it’s stretched and the lace has dried.

My crochet is awfully ad hoc and obviously uneven, but I’m happy. I’m using up my perle and crochet thread stash. 

The picture is for the Bus Stop shed up in the garden. Or the kitchen, not sure.

What I want to do is paint a wash of dilute pva glue over the lace to completely stiffen it... but am not sure how to do it without glueing down the backing. Maybe cling wrap? Maybe that will pull off easily?

Or, I could lace it to four sticks, crossed at the corners. Hmmm... I could lace it to put the glue on... right...

Follow the labels below for tutorials, patterns and materials to make crocheted card (boxes) etc. if you want to. 

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