Monday, January 11, 2021

Two Would Have Done It But Bad Luck, I Made Three

These are very handy. One bowl for the bundle of colours (fair isle cardigan with 9 ish colours) and another for what I’m using, sitting on my lap or table. Stack them together out of the way later. 

I’ve taken to making new boxes and bowl as holiday projects, ignoring my huge list of things I have started, want to do and plan and just cutting loose. Ignoring the fact that I have more boxes than hankies. 

Follow labels below to tutorials, materials lists and patterns.
Or go HERE.


Unknown said...

What do you call this craft? I have been a fan of it for many, many years and have tried to research it online but because of the different names the craft is known by, it has been almost impossible to find out much.
Your website is a marvel but I would dearly like to know how you punch the holes and then, of course, crochet the pieces together. Please show a tutorial for the "hard" bits. The end results are fabulous.

Bobby La said...

Follow the tutorial link. I also have a materials list. Thanks! I just call it crocheted cards... I agree, it’s hard to find.