Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hi, It's me! It's ok!

I've been crazy busy, job interviews and temp work (The temp work from hell). Too busy to post. Thanks Teri! But hey, I thought no-one came here. I thought I posted just to me. I've been reduced to reading my posts out loud to myself and pretending I was some one else. I laugh in the right places with a delighted, friendly laugh, just so I know I'm appreciated.
But I can't come at commenting on my own posts, that would be too too much. That's what YOU LOT are for!
I have a new project on the go, a bit of needle lace. Thought I'd go the cut work first, which means tedious thread pulling out and then even more tedious sewing in of ends. I'm wondering what might be a better way. But a nice way and 'just so' as well. The reason I would be concerned about the time factor is that I want to build a body of work to sell in an exhibition, so they can't be too ridiculously time consuming. I don't believe in undervaluing my work. Either people pay for it or they don't get it. I disagree with the idea of accepting a dollar or five an hour for craft, it undermines the whole industry.
The picture here is another sneak preview of the exhibition.
You see, getting a job releases me from the 'have to' tasks. I don't have to try and make patterns or stuff to sell, although I will. I can go back to my groovy 'can't wait to' stuff. You can't imagine how excited I am about that. There are a few things I've been working on that I havn't touched for over a year because of trying to make a living out of craft. It's been awful!
P.S. The temp work isn't really that bad! Nice people and that makes it go better. First day was hell though, then the muscles and the rythym get into gear...

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Anonymous said...

So happy I no longer need to worry about the jobs from hell. I can fill in at a friend's shop or substitute teach when I want to....or not.

Hang in there!!! And keep posting! I'm reading!!