Friday, March 24, 2006

I have finished making our very dear friends' wedding present, a Wagga. The best yet I reckon.
The back is just as nice as the front even if I do say so myself. I'm not bragging because it's the beauty of the fabric and the lovely colours that makes it so gorgeous. I have come to feel that the back needs almost as much attention as the front, which makes for more work, but also more satisfaction. Something that compliments and accentuates the front, rather than just 'matches'. This orange wool,and the grey blankets have a bluish cast over them, and so the fabrics that looked best out of my vintage collection were browns and blues.

This is my absolute favourite Wagga to date. The current project always is though. I kept saying "I love doing this", and it was true. I enjoy 'building' the pieces much more than planning from the beginning. My fella and I thought we should keep it, but then if I didn't think that, I wouldn't consider it a good gift. It's a paradox... if it's no good I don't want to give it away/sell it, but if it's great I really want to keep it. I'll have to make another for us, and then of course it will supercede A&Y's to own the top, best, favourite position.
It'd be great to teach the method, but I'd need a lot of room. At Geelong College a couple of years ago, I did teach the students this way of building in a huge hall where we could spread out, it was brilliant. The fun of it was infectious and we had the most popular group in the 'Art Week' pavillion. Hopefully some of those kids will take the idea into their future somehow.

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