Monday, October 23, 2006

The Beginning Of A Beautiful Thing

For my new to-be grandaughter. I've not long started. Last time, that is, for my darling first ever grandbaby Jaden... I started his Wagga whilst Ruby was pregnant, intending to have it made for his birth (April)... then for his first Christmas, then his first birthday. Finally I gave it to him not long before he turned 6! I'd be desperately ashamed if I didn't know there are more like me out there. Yes?
This one for my newest little blossom (to be) is different than Jadey's in as much as will be a whole cloth blanket rather than a patched one. I havn't taken photo's of Jadey's Wagga yet but will.
The drawing shown is a shonky photograph I have doctored and doctored to make it visible for you. It's from my pocket sketch book, drawn lightly in pencil and faded almost away, but you can see my intention... that is to have a spiral of flowers, bees and butterflies. The flower shown is the central one. I should have cropped it square so you could see the whole design, but then you wouldn't see the butterfly and it's pretty. I copied it (sorry Akira Isogawa whom I love and absolutely admire).
DIRECTIONS: The petals are Ceylon stitch, my favourite. Inside this is a row of parallel Bullions. Inside this are two Detached Buttonhole thingies that stand up. Then a Sticky Up thing with three Bullions on top. It's a bit hard to explain! The Bee is made up with Knots and the wings are Detached Buttonhole. I havn't stitched the Feelie Bits yet, but they'll be in Whipped Backstitch.
Updates pending. Problem is, and I repeat myself... but my Dearest and Nearest is allergic to wool so my stitching time is limited.

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Bobby La said...

You know I bought this photo, and I havn't ever had it up. Hmmm...