Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here Is The Lesser Source Of My Inspiration For My Needlelace: A Bobbin Lace Piece

Jean Goldberg, Australian Lace maker extraordinaire, gave me the best book on lace you could hope to have. It shows her nature that she'd bought a few copies to give away... a true evangelist/teacher. The book is 'Lace, History and Fashion' by Anne Kraatz and you should try to get it. It has the history of lacemaking which is a story of political intrigue and treason.
This design shows the tradition of including figures. I think it's Bobbin made lace, in fact I'll eat my rabbit felt hat if it isn't. The lower (of the top pictures) is a detail from the other, ie the 'fringe'. Notice the geese.
The bottom picture shows a draughtsmans 'cartoon' or pattern, which were sold in books. You could use it as your template, but would probably just draw out the grid and refer to the diagram.

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