Sunday, April 22, 2007

Progress Report On Death's Head Bunny

You can see that I've finished the 'colouring in' and am on to the outlines and the structural grid. I'll outline the leafy carrot tops in a more 3D manner, to make them look foliage-ish.
For the 'bars' I am using some exquisite, old, old silk my Grandma gave me when I was around 21-21years old... which is a fair time ago now. It appears creamy white on the skein and would too if you did a satin stitch or similar, but with the shadows involved in tight Buttonhole stitching, the colour appears more 'taupe' or greyed. Perfect, I think, as the bars are to be support for the central motif, both physically and in a design sense and therefore should sink into the background somewhat.
I've only worked the bottom left-hand corner thus, so far. The mercenised silk Bullion's up beautifully and I bothered to go find a Straw needle to work the Bullions, which makes a lot of difference in how easy they are to do.
I thought I'd show you the back, which is doodled on and an entreaty to return if lost plasters it all over. I'll probably file the paper when it's finished for fun and memory's sake.
The 'Death's Head' will jump out and be more defined when it's finished.
I don't think I said so before but when you put the contact over the paper, it is a good idea to tack around the edge so it won't peel off. Then, crumple it up to make it malleable and easy to manipulate.


shula said...

You know, I think I like the back best.

I had my handbag stolen once, with an embroidery in it I had been working on for a year.

Fortunately the thief threw the bag in the bin, where it was found and returned, to me, sans wallet.

But I didn't care. I would have traded 10 wallets to get the work back.

Your plea would be very hard to resist.

Bobby La said...

I had an embroidery stolen from a shop where I taught once. You wonder, how could the person hang it on the wall? Would they tell their friends that they did it themselves?
I'm glad you like the back, it seemed part enough of the whole to post a picture. x