Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here Is The Major Source Of My Inspiration: Design In Needle Lace

This makes my little heart go pitter patter. I love it. You can see the idea of incorporating monsters and exotic creatures is perfectly traditional and my bunnies are only following, not leading in style. Just following happily with this amazing technique in the old tried and true tradition.
I love the chunkiness, the clunkiness of it all. It's coarse and thick, no matter that the thread is fine.
The excellence of the graphics here... birds and frogs and people and floral motif's intermingle with no regard to scale but terrific regard to the overall composition.
There is a clean symmetry which can be seen in the larger photo.
I have found, in my overall experience, that you need to be careful to retain some order when you're playing with higgeldy piggeldy forms like this or Crazy work, or you'll end up with an mass of confusion. For example, with the three bunnies I'm still working on, I had to change the pattern on the dress because it got utterly lost in the background. I'll show you when it's finished. Likewise on the crazy quilt, I had not intended to put a border between the Grandmother's Fans and the Crazy patches, but it looked like a dog's breakfast and needed some ease for your eye.
Will you all at least try some lace work please, so we can share?


Anonymous said...

This makes me understand you a little more my most unusual friend.

Bobby La said...

And to whom do I speak?? Hmmm?

shula said...