Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Morning From Me!

I'm at work, which means I have no access to my camera or photo's of the house... and we've done so much! My sewing room has beautiful clear plastic boxes to the ceiling. Almost to the ceiling. At least as high as I can reach. Of course one always wants the bottom box but I can cope with that. Even if I never do another stitch I will be delighted with being surrounded by such potential. And of course I will do many more stitches.

The nearest and dearest is putting up another shelf today, just for me, so I can store the last of The Stuff. The stuffing to be precise. The feather/sponge mix; the pure feather; the polyester and the kapok. All labelled neatly in recycled bags left over from packing.

I have sorted the 'I don't know where to put it so I'll throw it in this basket' basket. You all understand the amazing sense of freedom and lightness that comes with having done that!

We went to pick up the ply for the rest of the book boxes, but they'd missed half of the cutting list, so that (the last thing to be done to move in and unpack properly) will take another week. But then, the verandah will be empty and I can sit out there and finish my red plain cloth quilt like an old fashioned Grandma, on our lovely Ross-made chairs.
And... I folded the washing!


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