Friday, February 08, 2008

My Room Is Almost Ready

It's the nicest room ever. Look at the view (of next door) I am forced to see as I (potentially) sit at my (favourite) red table and sew with my faithful sewing machine and (happy tra la la) overlocker. JUST LOOK AT IT WILL YOU!! The rhododendron is directly outside the window and there's dappled light and little birds and EVERYTHING!

I have so many plastic storage containers it would be embarrasing if I was that type, but as it is, I love looking at them and planning and planning and planning.

But... I never have to use it really, because I can just look at it.

The plan press and the stack of wire drawers will be in the 'library' when the house is finished. Although I'll have to put these two drawers of pretty pretties somewhere else... Hmmm...


shula said...

That's outrageous.

What is that enormous tree?

Bobby La said...

It's an Ash. There are a couple of Tulip trees there too. Very nice!