Sunday, February 17, 2008

Curtain For The Kiddie's Room

Also known as the shippy room or the ship's cabin, on account of how it's a cute and compact room... and because the kiddie's room at the van was filled with old fishing rods and ships made of bone or shell or whatever and we want to emulate it. I have some amazing shippy bark-cloth that I intended to use, but it disintegrated when I washed it. A bit. Still useful for something...
Anyway, this was something my Grandma gave me. I thought she'd said it was Teddy's (my Mum's little brother (b. 1941), but Mum saw it the other day and said she thought it was her Dad's. When he was little.
Anyway, it was a banner and I've taken off the dodgy fringe and am in the process of appliqueing it to some VERY old ticking to make the curtain.
It sort of looks like Grandma's work, if she was younger. Older, she didn't bother to finish things very neatly... but there are similarities. I'll have to ask Teddy bear.

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Juddie said...

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I love all your sites too - will have to spend a little time exploring this weekend.

JB :-)