Friday, April 25, 2008

More Work On The Sewing Room Curtains

A huck-a-bac bib from 'The Stitchery'. I've had these far a couple of years and NOW is the time!! They take no time at all to work up and are loads of fun for one and all! My intention is to buy all of the cute designs before they go retire and out of business. I've sone a large ont too but haven't photographed it yet.
Dunno if I'll crochet around the edges or just sew it in like this?
We're all down with the BUG. I had a flu injection and got it lildly but Ross is sick! Poor love, he needs Lots of TLC.
Lots. In fact he just said, "Where are you?" in a poor little voice.

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Victoria said...

No wonder you want to buy all the designs they have left - they are so cheerful. They just make me smile. That photo of you and brother and surrogate cousin is magical.