Thursday, April 17, 2008

Now All I Want To Do Is Make Some Potholders

I scribbled this after looking at some of doublewinky's stuff. I thought it would be suitably done ala Penny-Rug-ish? Old blankets and bits of felt? Coarse embroidery. They're supposed to be a bit scorched and grubby so I have to be sensible.
I might have to start a new Flickr group.... s'pose I should see if there's one already.
If you see or have any goodies, send me a link or a pic??? I'm on a mission. It's making me stitch and stitch the curtains without fail, because (unlike my usual behaviour, where I work on anything I want to) I will not do any pot-holders until they're finished.
Why didn't I think of them before?
P.S. If anyone makes this one, send us a pic too huh?

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