Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby's Apron Is Done

It now has avocado on it too! Sadie's not all that fussed though. I did put it on her for a minute before I took these photo's, but she didn't want it back after that. "No" she said, quite definitely! Now, without warning, she has fallen asleep in my arms. So much for typing. If I try to put her down it'll be all over!


Brook said...

oh my gosh this is so cute!!! i cant even stand it. Did you crochet the edge?

Bobby La said...

yes i did crochet the edge. first ever crochet, excepting some strange, non-descript 'things'i did when i was little! it was easy. i hope baby likes it when she gets older... funny girl, she has such a determined opinion about things (which changes of course)!

ktmoore1960 said...

I Love this apron. I've been searching for one to make for my 14 month old granddaughter who when I put a bib on her is useless! She too has strong opinions. May I ask what type of material you used and the dimensions. I am a very limited sewer so easy is what I have needed to find. It is absolutely adorable. The crochet and even to cross stitch something on it would be wonderful and that's what I'm better at if I decided to get a intricate as you did. It's inspiring!! Thank you