Thursday, July 10, 2008

Queenie & Rose

Available at 'MINE - Kids in Olinda'. Finished in the nick of time. I might go take some better pics... I left the one true to do it but didn't say what I wanted and he's no girl, so doesn't know how to put her proper like. He's good at arty stuff, but not doll stuff. For example, I embroidered their names on the soles and it looks nice. And the other eyes are blue. And her tail is lovely and fluffy. He did his best and I still like him.
Pattern available here.

Queenie & Rose Bunny are each other’s very best friends. They share all of their ideas and play lots of sport too. You might think they’re just the same but Queenie and Rose are two very different little girls. Rose loves to listen to music, but Queenie prefers to read. Queenie’s favourite colour is blue wheras Rose likes pink by far the best.
The girls are ‘dicephalyus’ twins which is very, very unusual. They think they’re lucky… Queenie and Rose always have someone to talk to!
Made using vintage, pure-silk kimono fabrics, discarded rabbit fur from my Mum's old (ex) lapin coat.

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