Sunday, July 13, 2008

Remember The 'Stuck On A Desert Island' Scenario?

As in, which book would I take to said island? And why is it always a desert island?
Well, looking (in Images) for something to inspire me for the sheets I want to make and embroider, I found that some dear person has scanned this entire book... my equal-first favourite and probably (historically) most useful book:

This book is amazing, truly amazing. It's language is beautiful, calling the materials 'stuffs' and evoking one to the execution of excellent decorative and feminine arts with the needle. It was written in the early 1800's and has been reprinted since then as far as I can tell. It always amazed me to see what the ordinary housewife was expected to know and do, and I've always hoped to be named amongst them by much application.

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Thank you SO much for sharing this! *mwah*!!