Friday, July 16, 2010

Patterns For Needlepoint & Cross Stitch at Etsy

I have purchased the upgrade for a (very expensive) program that converts pictures to cross stitch or needlepoint patterns. I had it years ago and it didn't work on my new computer so it went by the by...

The patterns I'm making are chosen after much trial and error and deliberation. Some things just don't work end most things need quite a bit of tickling. So don't imagine it's a quick process and how dare I charge anything for them!

The idea is, if you want a photo of your loved one (people or pets or anything else) then you send it to me and I'll convert it

Go to my Etsy shop for a look at all patterns.


victoria said...

Yay! That is so rad. I am thinking about this and it's possibilties, very cool.
p.s. Why is it so cold here?

Bobby La said...

It's an old fashioned winter, and so refreshing!