Monday, July 26, 2010

Leif's Blanky. This Isn't It But I Haven't Taken A Photo And I'm At Work So Can't Anyway.

Leif on his first birthday with Aunty Ruby.

I'm making Leif a quilt. Years ago, when I used to teach patchwork, I made this quilt top (the one I haven't photographed yet but will)....(this pic is picked up on the net). My background is dyed with onion skins and I may have muddied up some of the print fabrics that way too.

(We had the top on the wall in our mud brick house. With a troupe of red-heads, the tans and old reds and blues were lovely!)

The back is velvet. I've used up all (ALL) of my gorgeous gold and tan velvets. Some I have had since I was 17 years old! I can't believe it's all gone!

(I love that! It is my intention to use as much of my fabric as I can. I have nothing that is not beautiful and useable).

So... I ran out just before I finished the back and NOTHING else looked right. We went (way out of our way and for no other reason) to Spotters to find some velveteen or something appropriate and there was NOT ONE fabric in golden tan. Nothing! So I bought a skein of alpaca in a bulky knit and am knitting the gap.

Good, clean fun!

I'm so glad to have a red head to sew for! I love the earthy colours and I certainly can't wear them, not with my yellow Welsh looking skin.


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