Sunday, May 29, 2011

Countdown To My Big Trip!

2 more sleeps. I woke up ridiculously early today, remembering or thinking of things I needed to include. My Duck Doiley's to crochet the edges of. Note to self: cut and Fray Stop the edges before I go.

The little tapestry I have ready to do is another version of Mme Riviere, by Ingris. But in Pop brightness and for fun. Maybe to make a bag or something? And easy to see (and work on) in the low light of the plane. It's hard to decide. Or, do I wait and make a very fine petit point on silk with silk... but not of a cropped Mademoiselle, whole? To frame? I may tire of the image if I do it three times... or not? The painting is at the L:ouvre too, I just have noticed!

And because my black glass beads broke, I pulled out my necklace making gear and ended up (finishing) knotting my expensive garnet-coloured, interestingly cut Swarzkovski (?) crystals, and my great grandmother's pearls. To take. To Paris.


Lyndel said...

Oh how wonderful. Have you checked with the airline about taking your sewing, needle and scissors on board? I was knocked back 2 years ago, no needles, no scissors, no knitting hooo...
Hope you have a great trip♥

Bobby La said...

Fanks for that!!
Well, I'm gonna go ignorant on the two TINY embroidery needles I have. Knitting is a no-no but they took crochet hooks off the list. SHARPS you see. I could ring them up but...
I bought one of those non-scissors thread cutters too, for cheap, since my teeth will cringe if I have to bite tapesrty wool.