Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Off To Paris In Three Weeks!

For just eight nights, but Whoo Hoo! I'm excited!

I have to say that the woman who bought my crazy quilt has bought my tickets and we will visit loads of textiley things, includiong the Bayeux Tapestry and the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries etc.

Any 'must do's', please email me.

I've been busy making clothes to wear and yes, I'll post some pics. Troublwe is, at the mo, when I get home it's dark. Same as when I leave for work...

Speaking of work, I'd better dash.


P.S. 11 hours in London too. Ideas....?


victoria said...

I am very happy for you!!!!

Lyndel said...

oh how wonderful!.. I envy you seeing the Bayeaux
11hrs in London... Victoria & Albert Museum..♥

BarbaraA said...

When in London ...if at all possible a visit t0 Westminster Abbey is absolutely awe inspiring as a burial ground and memorial to 100's of yrs of significant English people...the architecture is magnificent and i defy anyone to walk around there and not feel the ghosts and presence of English history in every inch of the place! Wish I had gotten up at dawn to see London wake up....maybe starting in Hyde park and moving along to the main thoroughfare not far away.

Barbara A...still inspired and grateful student from Lazy Daisy in heidelberg!

BarbaraA said...

If u could get to Westminster Abbey be prepared to awsome feeling of every inch of the place full of ghosts of 100's of yrs of history being the burial ground and monument to probably 1000's of significant English figures...and the architecture is breathtaking. Also, wish I'd been in Hyde park at dawn and wandered around watching that fantastic city eake up.

Inthesky said...

How exciting, I have never been to Paris and I have only been to London twice. I loved 'The Tower of London' and 'The Crown Jewels'. I also loved 'The National Portrait Gallery'. I don't know of anything textile related though I am sure there must be loads to do...I can remember if you are going on the Underground those doors close quickly! So don't hang about! I will look forward to your photographs. :)