Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crap Photo's Of My New Jacket

Finished at last!! It's very comfortable and suitably snug. Perfect fit. With much coming and going and unpicking and recutting and hunting etc. I have finally finished. There are a few things I'd do differently... I'm a bit out of touch and my bum is rather large (which no amount of pattern cutting will alter).

Detail, worked by my Mum ever so long ago. From an unfinished thingy.

Looking up inside the cuff.

Vintage buttons.

Secret pockets at cuffs, in side seams.

Back, obviously. I ironed vellum onto the lining and made the quilted fabric. It looks so luscious and yum. You can make out where the cuff pockets are in this pic.

Inside. Nice lining huh?

Bad photo of the front. Two different Prince of Wales check fabrics. Wool, and wool-silk.


Inthesky said...

Wow this jacket is fantastic in so many ways. I can't sew, so it is awe inspiring to me. I love the use of 'Moms' embroidery. I love the hidden pockets, I think the cuffs are ingenious, the knit against the fabric is beautiful. The lining looks luscious, I think the overall style, cut and look of this jacket is absolutely top notch, stylish. You are going to teach the Parisians a thing or two about style. Knock em dead!

deanna7trees said...

you did a fabulous job. i'm impatient with sewing clothing.

Anonymous said...

This is so inspiring! The combination of bias fabric and straight without horrible sagginess. The woolly cuff lining, the lining full stop. Etc, etc the whole deal. Well Done. Thanks for posting this.