Monday, October 29, 2012

Finished! And It's Only October!

Considering that Ruby's birthday was July... it's still pretty good going I think. The bulk of it was done then but I wouldn't let her see it and gave her some nice books (she's in love with Mark Ryden).

So, here are details of the quilting. It's with woollen thread (aurifil Lana 8402 which I Love, and used in my Bluebird embroidery amongst other things) and is coarsely worked. I used to tie them all but this style of patchwork suits quilting. HERE'S the rest of the Wagga, and if you want to look at all of them, go here.
Oh, and, this is made from an old blanket, a length of wool found at the Op-Shop, one small (blue) new length and bits and pieces from my accumulation. The back is various old tea-towells, scraps of embroidery Ruby did as a child, vintage dresses, a skirt I used to wear all of the time, Japanese fabrics etc.

We pulled a few of these out of a wall near the Ballarat Art Gallery, probably two years ago, and now they are very happy. Our little bit of Portwenn.

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